Engineering Services

Scope of Supplied Services

We provide Worldwide Engineering Services in Energy Automation & SCADA sector with our experienced and qualified engineering team as given below:

Engineering Services Workflow

Design & Planning

Our process begins with a precise planning & design of each project:

  • Site survey
  • Requirements analysis
  • Functional Description
  • Communication Diagram
  • Automation System Design Spec
  • IEDs Definition & Signal Lists
  • Equipment & Material Lists
  • Time & Resource Planning


We move the planning further into reality in the implementation stage:

  • Programming of Devices
  • Parameterization of Devices
  • Tag Creation acc. to Signal Lists
  • SCADA Pages Preperation
  • Event/Alarm List Preperation
  • Tag Logging preperation
  • Data Integration Works
  • Implementation Documentation

Test & Commissioning

Testing is performed precisely according to zero-defect-policy:

  • Internal/Office Tests
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
  • Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)
  • Commissioning of RTUs/PLCs
  • SCADA System Commissioning
  • Protection Commissioning
  • Handover to Customer
  • As-Built Documentation

Maintenance & Support

We keep Automation Systems alive with maintenance & support works:

  • Extension/Modernization Works
  • Preventive Maintenance Works
  • Protective Maintenance Works
  • Emergency Support Services
  • Providing Operating Services
  • Providing Service Material
  • Call support
  • e-mail support