Research & Development

TurboSCADA System

TurboSCADA is an open, flexible, modern and cost effective, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution developed by Okosis company which provides rich and flexible graphical user interfaces to represent and store site information and measurements acquired from site.

TurboSCADA and Orion Automation And Control Systems shapes Total Automation and SCADA Solution from the source of the signal up to the tele control center.

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Automation And Control SCADA Software

TurboSCADA developed by Okosis thanks to great know-how on automation and SCADA technology. We build State-of-the-art solutions empowered with modern computer and network architecture using multi server/client platforms, full-fledged modern and open systems highly cost effective and economical. Representing site and storing measured values as well as managing and controlling processes and actuators besides comprehensive transferring and reporting of data.

TurboSCADA at a glance

TurboSCADA System provides great opportunities as fast learning and easy programming through modern and standardized interfaces as well as endless integration and expanding capabilities thanks to it's open architecture.

Great programming capabilities using standardized C# and .Net programming interfaces which preferred worldwide, open the doors of endless online sources and libraries. It's totally expandable.

Reusable and customized flexible solution development opportunities using custom component and script libraries speeds up and facilititates project startup and implementation.